woty: action

watercolour painting of a box of gold stars such as elementary school teachers like to give out.

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I used to love doing a word of the year. Took me awhile to decide on it some years. But I loved having the focus of whatever I’d thought was an energy I wanted to bring in to the year with me. Over the years, it’s been a lot of different things…and this year, I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be.

This is a year where a lot of action has to happen. There’s a bit of common knowledge amongst most creatives: ideas are the easy part. It’s the actual sitting down and writing or painting or practice, the execution, that’s the hard part. It’s the action, the doing, the applying your seat to the seat that brings the idea out of the ethers and into the world. Which is why whenever someone says “I have a great idea for you” I always say if you got the idea, it’s your idea. You can do it or you can ignore it. But you usually can’t give it away. Besides, most creative sorts have more ideas than we have years left.

So today my brother and I were talking about someone he knows who has made it. They’ve got a good gig writing on a major show right now. And he was saying they showed up and up and up and did a lot of work to get that gig. They earned it, that gig. And it took years.

He also said lots of people are deserving, most of us are. Of success, of careers we love, of doing our passion … whether or not we’re deserving isn’t the question. It’s the work part, the nose to the grind stone, to moving from dilettante to doer, from amateur to pro in attitude and deed, that earns the steps on the path. Create a framework, a life that supports, taking action. Day-gig. Studio space (or corner). Tools. Whatever the framework, do that first, so it’s easier to take the action.

So this year I’m choosing act. Earn it through action. Do the the things. Be a pro in attitude. Show up whether I want to or not. Keep a schedule. Get it done.





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I follow an author on Twitter who mentioned that she does not consider the New Year to begin until Imbolc (February 2). I commented that in many ways for me, the new year doesn’t start until Spring Equinox (any time between March 18 and March 23, but usually the 20th or 21st) when the Sun moves astrologically to the Aries Point, which is 00 Aries 00. The very beginning of the zodiac.

I celebrate them all, but I am beginning to think it’s wisest for me to adopt Imboc as a new year. It easily takes me a month to figure out my needs & wants for the year, to put away the year that has past, and to really dig in to what I want to do.

As an example: I have been planning on moving to the PNW. Today, I found out that I will not be able to do so for at least one year. And that shifts everything. So California it is, probably through the spring of 2020. One and a half years. At minimum.

And just like that, everything I want has to adjust with that.  So Cap of Thinking, back on.

in to the future

the thinker

I am still mid-New Year’s prep. Usually I get it done on the Eve and the Day. But this year, I didn’t sit with my planner much so I’m still planning….

I’m also mid-move. I have things in storage in Joshua Tree and things in storage in LA. I perch in someone else’s home, a way station for me, and shuttle things up. I have sorted and sorted but there are two more sorts to go: a last get rid of and an online sale.

It’s not my resolution but it is one of the first goals for the year: to get a handle on things with a vague idea of what I will need for my new home. Then, watching Tidying Up (Netflix), I heard a perfect quote to help me decide about the things thing and move (on):

What I really want you to ask yourself is if it’s something you really want to take into your future.

Marie Kondo

As if that weren’t enough, the Universe apparently knows I need reminders and this card came up on the tarot twitter I follow ( http://www.twitter.com/thejessicadore )

six of staves

Here’s Jessica’s read on it:

After a long period of struggle, feeling good + successful can trigger a deep discomfort. Ask yourself, what am I giving up by moving forward? Is it safe for me to give that up? If it doesn’t feel safe, make a commitment to deeply love + accept yourself through it.

Jessica Dore

So the theme is making room for the future. Which seems like a good thing to carry in to 2019.

2019: day 1

070411 fireworks three 4

Hello friends! 2019 is the year I want to start blogging again, so, to quote Mary Poppins, vers. 1, well begun is half done. (Although last time I blogged, I blogged for 7 years or something like that.)

I’ve taken off 5 years, I’m happy to be back.

So to start off your new year:

This year, I hope we all have lives with love, kindness, compassion, and creativity, both from us and given to us. I hope we each have a chance to live those secret dreams you don’t talk about, the ones you hold in your heart.

Do the thing, friends. do the art, the music, the dance, the practice, the writing …. do the thing that scares you a little because it’s part of your realest self and showing that is scary.

This year let’s live true.

Stay tuned for my tries at all this.

Stepping in to 2019.